3 Reasons to Quit Your Dream

August 30, 2022 ◊ By Julie Bockarie ◊ Purpose

3 Reasons to Quit Your Dream

I was invited by a fellow Toastmaster to speak in their club, and the theme is “Dare to Dream.”  It turns out this is a popular slogan.  While we are often encouraged to dare to dream, are there moments when we need to quit our dreams?  I know.  Please hear me out.

It is great to have dreams.  The problem is that we let our dreams remain dreams forever.  There are many people who have creative dreams.  Many times, when you speak with them, they share more dreams, or more angles to their dreams.  I was one.  In fact, I would say I mastered the act.  The problem is that dreams in this case become a hindrance and keep us dreaming and moving around in circles.  At some point we either need to quit our dreams or take actions to realize them. Here are 3 ways we can do that:

Mindset Reset

Most times, we do not go beyond dreaming because we believe that all we have the ability to do is just that-dream. We fear taking a step towards making that dream a reality.  Often what it takes is us taking the first step, but that seems to be the hardest, because we keep referring to our inabilities, or perceived inadequacies. At some point, we need to ask ourselves, “what could break if I take this step?” Then take the step.

Fill the Gaps

We may indeed have some gaps which may make realizing the dream tough.  Ask yourself what is the one step that you can take today towards closing the gap. This could be a knowledge gap, confidence gap, or any other type. One of my favorite books, is The One Thing, by Gary Keller, which talks about focusing on one critical thing you can do today.  The problem is that we try to figure it all out, get overwhelmed and get stuck.  If we purpose to do one important thing today, towards closing the gaps we have, that will bring us closer to realizing our dreams.

Align Your Dream

Is it a worthy dream?  Does the dream align with your value and purpose? Then, spring into action.  Do not wait to feel it, nor for the perfect moment, because there often is not.  Take a bold step in the right direction and gradually the rest would fall in place. If it is not a worthy dream, quit that dream, and dream a different one that better aligns with who you are or aspires to be, followed by action.

What would it be today?  Your thoughts….

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