Julie Bockarie

My Pain, My Purpose

Have you had those moments when everything seems to be going wrong, and you feel like you can never catch a break? You wake up in the morning and the default mindset is that something would go wrong, and you are almost afraid to enjoy beautiful moments because you are sure they wouldn’t last. I …

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Julie BockarieYour Life Coach Download my Focus Finder worksheet! Do you want to be an entrepreneur but need help narrowing down which ideas would make a good business? This quick worksheet will help! Work with me Launch Your Website Platform Title goes here Title goes here Text goes here… Share this Linktree Facebook Twitter Linkedin …

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Impact of Active Listening

I tell the story of my daughter who came to me one day, with a request about needing to go to the mall with some friends.  At that moment I was also engaged with a  colleague on my phone.  I proceeded to respond to what I thought I heard my daughter say. She looked at …

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Navigating Your Comfort Zone

The book, Who Moved My Cheese is a story by Spencer Johnson.  It is a motivational business fable about how to deal with change in your personal and professional life.  It describes typical reactions to change by two mice and two little people.  It is a must-read book for anyone who is having difficulty navigating …

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"A life coach does for the rest of your life what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness."

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