Navigating Your Comfort Zone

The book, Who Moved My Cheese is a story by Spencer Johnson.  It is a motivational business fable about how to deal with change in your personal and professional life.  It describes typical reactions to change by two mice and two little people.  It is a must-read book for anyone who is having difficulty navigating […]

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The Elusive Time A young lady dreams of making a difference.  Every day she wakes up, she is filled with the conviction that she has been given a mission to fulfill—one that she must.  But how?  The question is not whether she is busy.  She is busy quite alright; in fact, too busy!  Yet, the

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3 Reasons to Quit Your Dream

I was invited by a fellow Toastmaster to speak in their club, and the theme is “Dare to Dream.”  It turns out this is a popular slogan.  While we are often encouraged to dare to dream, are there moments when we need to quit our dreams?  I know.  Please hear me out. It is great

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I, Too, Deserve

Strange title, I know.  But bear with me because it has a purpose.  I read the story in CNBC of the 6-word piece of advice from her mother, which Dolly Parton credits her success to.  Dolly stated that these 6 words have helped her maintain her success for over six decades now.  Her mother advised

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3 Ways to Break free

Are you a mid-career woman who has worked on your “okay” job for years? Have you had to put your passion and dream on hold as you focus on the job that paid the bills? Now however, obligations have taken a new dimension and you suddenly feel ready to embark on something new, something that

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"A life coach does for the rest of your life what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness."

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