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The Elusive Time

A young lady dreams of making a difference.  Every day she wakes up, she is filled with the conviction that she has been given a mission to fulfill—one that she must.  But how?  The question is not whether she is busy.  She is busy quite alright; in fact, too busy!  Yet, the feeling of unfulfilled dreams keeps nagging at her.  She must pursue this mission, some day!

Waiting for the Perfect Condition

Could that be you?  I was there once.  I waited for a perfect condition most of my life.  In some cases, I am still waiting for the perfect time and perfect condition.  Unfortunately, I have come to realize that there is no perfect time nor perfect condition to one who is prone to making excuses. This is not a judgment statement, rather I speak as a recovering time watcher.

The Danger of Waiting for a Perfect Time or Condition

The Bible speaks about the danger of waiting for time.  Ecclesiastes 11:4 says: “Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap.”  So, there is danger in waiting for a perfect condition or time.  I personally have experienced missed opportunities while waiting for perfect conditions.

Diagnosing the Wait

What might have us stuck and waiting for time?  There might be many reasons why we wait for a perfect time or perfect condition:

  • Fear:  Many of us are afraid of change.  We are used to doing things a particular way that the thought of doing different might have us paralyzed with fear.  What might the unknown bring us, we may wonder.  Our response to that is to put off the change till tomorrow.
  • Perfectionism:  Closely linked to fear is perfectionism.  Many of us want to make sure everything is right before we take a step in a new direction.  The problem is that people like that generally find it difficult to get to that point of perfection, hence they remain stuck.
  • Lack of Knowledge:  Others may want to move forward but lack the knowledge on how to do so.  If they are anything like me, they fall prey to “eye-candy” programs that leave one more confused than ever.  The result is to continue to move in circles, and forward movement becomes impossible.


  • Take Action In spite of Fear:  It is important to begin to move forward today, and take action in spite of the fear.
  • Perfection is a Myth:  Perfection may never be attained because it depends on who is defining it.  Why not take a get-started step forward, and adjust midstream if necessary?
  • Knowledge is best when used:  Recognizing that we lack knowledge is great.  And going after knowledge is important, but use of the knowledge we have, no matter how small, is best.
  • Get a coach:  One major step that helped me move forward was hiring a coach.  A coach will support you as you explore your options; will listen to you, and “flash the light” in the areas which you might not have thought of before.

If you are looking for that coach who would be all that and more to you, book a discovery session.

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